38 While 38

Here’s another fantastic idea from my friend Erin.  You’re gonna start thinking she pays me to publicize her blog!  Anyway, a few years ago Erin started making a list of goals equal to her age.  Big goals.  Little goals.  Things she would probably do anyway, and things she would never have considered unless she was trying to challenge herself.
Lucky for Erin, she’s only 31. One of the many benefits to being seven years younger than me is that she had to come up with seven fewer goals.  Still, I’m up for the challenge.  I’m excited to see how many of these I can complete by 1/11/12!
1. Learn to Lindy Hop.  Finished two six-week intermediate sessions at Hop to the Beat.  I’m not an expert, but I’ve got the basics down.
2.  Know what every single button on my camera does (even the ones I never intend to use!)
3.  Go on one photo “excursion” a month.  Okay, I admit that I cheated by putting two work excursions towards this goal.  But, sometimes I do some serious photography while working!

4.  Run a half marathon.  Completed the BAA half on 10/9/11 in 2:28:02.  Slow for everyone else.  Fast for me.  Yay!
5.  Clean out my pantry, preferably by eating food rather than throwing it out!  Pantry cleaned out due to signs of mice.  Does that count?
6.  Sell a piece of freelance writing or photography. (Or both!)  Does making money as a professional storyteller count?  I think it does!
7.  Start a non-secret blog!
8.  Dip my toes in the ocean…at least once!  First dip:  5/30/11  (Brrrr!)
9.  Take my vitamins. Ha!  Not a once.  Fail, fail, fail…
10.  Volunteer for a good cause.
11.  Find a lost friend.  Any lost friend.
12.  Craft mementos out of Grandma’s wedding dress.  Send one to each granddaughter.
13.  Finally get rid of my wedding dress.  (Tina’s closet doesn’t count!)  Nope.  It’s still sitting in Tina’s closet.
14.  Host a dinner party.  I really can’t believe I didn’t manage this one!  I threw a tea party.  An evening Halloween party.  A hanging-with-the-girls afternoon party.  But no dinner party!  For shame!
15.  Host a tea party.  Complete:  May 1, 2011
16.  GO TO TUSCANY!  Whoooooo Hoooooooo!
17.  Try out for Get Mortified.  Sent samples 6/14/11
18.  Set up a storytelling website.
19.  No more plastic bags!  Use the re-usables!  (Stolen from Erin’s list last year.)
20.  Do something active..six days a week!  (Okay, five.  Shoot for six.  Settle for five.)  I did great…until mid-October.  Oh, Tuscany.  You we oh-so-bad for my waistline.
21.  Get back to *my* goal weight.  (Which has absolutely nothing at all to do with what those BMI charts say I should weigh!)  Well, no.  But, I’m a heck of a lot closer than I was on my 38th birthday!
22.  Finally visit the “new” ICA.
23.  Learn at least 10 important Italian phrases.  Well, I did learn some important words.  Were they enough?  Let’s see…
Buon giorno (Good morning)
Buena sera (Good afternoon)
Gratzie (Thank you)
Uscita (Exit)
Bambola (Doll – or…a sexy lady!)
24.  Run a 10 K. Ran the Orchard House Run on 9/18/11.  It benefits the house and museum of Louisa May Alcott.  So much fun!
25.  Grow my own tomatoes.  Yum!
26.  Buy (and wear) at least one outfit that scares me.
27.  No internet for 48 hours.  (On purpose!  Not because the internet is down or I’m out of the country!)
28.  Create the “perfect” low-fat creamy tomato soup recipe.
29.  Become my own advisor.  (Yes, that’s code for something.)  Complete:  5/23/11
30.  Throw a Plus One party.
31.  Check out the new MoS Planetarium.  Complete:  7/22/11
32.  See a New England tourist trap I’ve never seen.  Went with my sister and her family to  Plimoth Plantation:  5/30/11
33.  Sew something.
34.  Hang Tina’s lanterns and Grandma’s chimes.
35.  Picnic at the DeCordova.
36.  Pick apples…then make applesauce.
37.  Purge closet, drawers, cupboards, and anything else that’s overflowing.
38.  Make felt flowers for my kitchen.

3 Responses to “38 While 38”

  1. I will help with # 26 🙂


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