40 While 40

I turned 41 yesterday.

I turned 41 yesterday and I hadn’t yet posted my 40W40 goals list.

I turned 41 yesterday and I hadn’t yet posted my 40W40 goals list, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t accomplish anything this year. In truth, I did a lot. A whole lot.

As promised, my list was a little different this year.

At the end of last year I realized that I had done some pretty cool stuff that I hadn’t set out to accomplish. Sometimes, our unexpected victories turn out to be better than the things we thought we wanted to do.

So, I did two things this year.  First, I broke my goals down into four categories.  Writing four lists of ten items seemed so much less stressful than one list of 40.

Second, I decided to leave half of my list blank…to be filled in by those unexpectedly cool opportunities that come up over the course of a year. That way, I hoped that in January I could look back at a list of amazing things I did, instead of a list of amazing things I meant to do.

I think I did pretty well…

40 While 40


1. Try the foods I think I hate. (ALL of them.)

  • Conch = Yum!
  • Olives = The green/brown ones that you get at tapas restaurants can be good. The black ones that come on pizzas are still disgusting.
  • Blueberries = Wow…fresh blueberries are kinda yummy. I’m quite sure I’d still hate them cooked, but maybe I should try?
  • Oysters = tolerable if cooked. I still have a texture issue going on. 
  • Pate  – I ended up trying a bunch of different pates. Let’s face it, some pate doesn’t have a whole bunch of liver in it. I tasted enough to know that I still don’t enjoy the taste of liver.
  • Beer – I keep trying. I keep hating.

7. Attend an NFL Playoff game.  (Done!  The Pats lost.)
8. Attend a conference: blogging, writing, reporting…anything! (Um…I attended an Emergency Medicine conference…for work. Does that count?)
9. Visit a “new to me” state. (Done! Illinois and Indiana so far. Alaska makes three.)
12. Sell a food photo. Something I cook, style and photograph. Not just something I take at a restaurant.


13. Can something…or lots of somethings.

  • Canning class!
  • Emergency Beef Stew
  • Tuscan Bean and Kale Soup (recipe coming soon)
  • Dad’s BBQ beans (recipe coming soon)
  • Lot’s ‘o Christmas gifts (recipes coming soon!)
  • Many of Tina’s extra CSA veggies. (Oh..just buy a cookbook, why don’t you?)

19. Bake a pie. (How about dozens of teeny tiny cupcake chicken pot pies?)
20. Make homemade (Mexican) vanilla. (Four varieties: vodka, rum, bourbon, or tequila?)
21. Modernize an old recipe.
22. Become a wine expert.(I have a certificate to prove it!)
23. Become a cheese expert.(I have another certificate to prove it!)


24. Eat only “real” food for two weeks. (Done! Sure…it took me until the week of my birthday, but I made it!)
25. Eat no dairy for two weeks. (Done! It’s official.  I’m not allergic to dairy.)
26. Grow my hair out; chop it off for charity. (Done! I love my kicky, new hairstyle.)
27. Read at least 10 books for fun. (Yes! They were mostly teen dystopian novels, but I didn’t say they had to be high literature.)
28. Publicize this very blog.
29. Buy those business cards.
30. Ditch the desk.
31. Interview members of the Red Sox on the field at Fenway after they won THE WORLD SERIES! (Who saw that one coming?)


32. Start the decade with a dunk in the ocean. (Done! Aruba, anyone?)
33. Host a little girl tea party.
34. Visit Alaska with the family. (Did I just get credit for Alaska twice? Nice!)
35. See the MFA’s new wing. (Yes! It took me until my birthday, but I did it!)
36. Host a kick-ass baby shower for Tina and Baby Mack.
(Done! It was a huge success…)
37. Watch a game in a new-to-me ballpark. (I went to Wrigley Field, but I only stayed for an inning. Does that count?)
38. Walk on a glacier. (I never knew how much I wanted to do this until I did it.)
39. Learn to love bourbon! (Yum!)
40. Host a lovely New Year’s Eve party, WITHOUT STRESSING! (It’s only taken 40 years, but I’m finally getting the hang this entertaining thing.)

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