Instagram Weekend

It started on Friday afternoon. I learned (via Facebook, of course) that the reel-to-reel machines in one of our studios were being retired. Back in the day, we did everything on the reel-to-reels. We’d rack up blank tape on one and edited bits of field sound on the other three. Pop a reporter in the studio and stand back and watch the magic. I was pretty good at mixing to reel-to-reel.

Nowadays it’s all done by computers. The Otaris sit in Studio 2, unloved and unused. So, this weekend they’re being taken away. When I heard that, I had to go down the hall for a last visit. They’re rich, black surface has faded over the years, so I decided to give them their due with a nice retro filter on Instagram.

(These are actually newer than the ones I worked with. By the time we got these, the technology was already on the way out.)

Once you start me Instagramming, it’s hard to make me stop. The next morning, I met some friends on the Esplanade for a picnic. A bee found Jeanne’s flowery blanket and set out to gather some pollen. This time of year, there’s pollen on everything. So, I don’t think the poor thing had a clue that it wasn’t “collecting” on an actual flower!


We tried to encourage the bee to find a more traditional source of food. But…let’s not talk about what happened next, okay?


On our way back to the car my friend MaryAnn and I saw a butterfly sunning itself on some purple flowers. Pretty!

I think poor MaryAnn was bored as I stood there, snapping shots with my iPhone until the butterfly opened its wings just right.

Sunday morning was a flurry of cooking, cleaning, and prettying up, as I got ready to host a tea party!

Anyone who owns this many teacups should be legally required to throw a tea party at least once a year!


I’m working on a post with recipes and stories from the tea party, but in the meantime, I thought I’d make you hungry…

This is the closest I’ve ever come to making up a dessert recipe from scratch. I gotta say…it didn’t suck!


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