Spring has Sprung…Maybe

This is just a quick post to let y’all know I’m still alive. The last few months have been super-busy, with work, storytelling, my food writing class, vacation, and general life goodness. I’m working on a few awesome, amazing, (and adorably alliterative) posts, but who knows when I’ll get a chance to finish them?

This is my view from the train RIGHT NOW! (Okay, I'll admit, it's my view from the train 20 minutes ago, before the wifi crapped out...again. But, it's much prettier than what's up there now!)

At the moment, I’m sitting in a cozy little spot on the Acela from New York to Boston (Yep, folks, I’m blogging from a train. I’m not sure this is what Amtrak had in mind when it offered free wifi to its customers!) and I thought I’d let you in on a little secret. Ready?

Winter does not last forever.

I know! Amazing, isn’t it? Actually, in Boston, like in much of the country, we’ve had a weirdly mild winter. Then, it got super-duper warm. Then, after the first of my four days in NYC, it turned cold again. This morning, I woke up to 30 degree temps and nothing in my suitcase but short sleeves. D’oh!

I threw on the sweater I’ve been wearing for the past three days (Shh…don’t tell anyone!) and shivered my way through my morning interview. Now, toasty warm on the train, I’m letting myself daydream about all the signs of spring I saw this weekend. Wanna see?

It's gorgeous out there, ain't it?

Erin and I came to NYC around this time last year. It was a for-fun weekend, not a for-work weekend, and we lived it up (crafty girl style) with a trip to Mood fabrics, a performance of Sleep No More, a photo tour of Greenwich Village, and a potentially ill-advised make-over at Sephora.

The only thing on my list we missed was the Macy’s Flower Show. We were busy, and the photo tour lady advised against it. She said it wasn’t worth the wait to get in and so overcrowded that it would be difficult to see anything.

Well, this morning I needed to kill an hour between check-out time at the hotel and my interview with the producer of a Broadway show. (Yeah, I just dropped that little fact, because I want you to think I’m cool.) I found myself outside of Macy’s. There was no line to get in…so why not?

So colorful! It didn't feel much like Brazil, though. It was much too cold for that...

It was crowded. It was difficult to see things. The theme was Brazil, but the tent barely hovered at 40 degrees (despite the desperate attempts of a couple of industrial fans.) I walked past a distraught flower designer who was sure all of his creations were about to freeze. But, it was better than standing outside in the wind!

My friend, Nicole, and I found these two guys freezing while lip syncing a latin music video in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn on Sunday. They seemed to warm up a bit when they started swinging their hips around!

Gee…in this amount of time I could have written one of those good posts I promised you, instead of the quickie post I meant to write. Maybe I’ll get started on one of those?


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