Corn Comin’ Outta My Ears

You might have heard. We had a “hurricane” here last weekend.

I put “hurricane” in quotes because by the time she reached us, Irene was just a tropical storm. And, not a very exciting one at that. Don’t get me wrong, there was some serious flooding in places other than here, and tens of thousands of my neighbors are still without power.

My power, however, never flickered. I spent the morning of the hurricane eating a homemade Denver omelette with bacon. Since my mother reads this blog, I can neither confirm nor deny that a mimosa was involved.

Even my tomato plants came out of the storm happier than they were before. The entire extent of the damage to my house was limited to this:

A little patch of siding was ripped off the front of my house. Shall we take bets to see how long before my landlady fixes it?

A little patch of siding was ripped off the front of my house. Shall we take bets to see how long before my landlady fixes it?

What does the storm have to do with corn? Well, since this spring I’ve been getting weekly vegetable shares from a CSA. I’m not going to link to other posts in which I mention this CSA because I’m lazy right now and just don’t feel like looking them up.

My CSA distributes a whole lot of corn. A whole, whole, whole lot of corn. The corn is good. I love corn. But, I don’t have a grill (arguably the best way to eat corn) and I’m trying to limit nighttime carbs. Sadly, this summer I have gone from the girl who giggles in joy at the sight of a perfectly cooked ear of corn to a person who lets the stuff go bad in her fridge.  This is sad…

On Monday, my CSA sent out a post-storm message.

Neighbors left and right of us were devastated by the storm and lost acres and acres of sweet corn which was flattened by the wind and then flooded by the rising waters of the Deerfield river. Our farm sits right along the banks of the Connecticut River, which has not yet flooded but has yet to crest. We are concerned that all of the flooding in Vermont and the Berkshires will empty into the Connecticut River and flood our fields, but only time will tell.

Whew!  Neighbors to the left and right lost their corn, but our corn was miraculously saved.  Whoopee…

On Tuesday, I threw out about five ears of less-than-fresh corn, and surveyed the remaining.

Whew!  That's a lot of corn!

Whew! That's a lot of corn!

I had a few other random items, too. A red bell pepper. A couple of jalapenos. A whole bunch of mint growing on my porch. And orange cherry tomatos ripening like candy. Seriously, every day I go out there and find another quart of cherry tomatos ready to be picked.

Epicurious to the rescue.  Did you know there was an Epicurious smartphone app?

Seriously.  How cool is this?

Seriously. How cool is this?

I typed in a few ingredients into the search engine, and voila! Instant happiness.

I didn’t have everything I needed for Smoked Turkey, Black Bean, Bell Pepper, and Corn Salad. Most importantly, I was missing the smoked turkey. But, I remember someone telling me once that beans and corn somehow combine to make a full protein. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it works for me!

You know why I love this, right?  All those pretty colors again!

You know why I love this, right? All those pretty colors again!

I’m not going to re-print the recipe here, since it was almost entirely stolen from the Epicurious recipe. I did add a jalapeno to the mix and made a couple of substitutions. But, nothing earth shattering.

I will say, if you ever whip up something like this, don’t eat it right away.  Put it in your fridge and walk away. Maybe don’t even dig in after a couple of hours. Wait until the next day and prepare for heavenly happiness.


2 Responses to “Corn Comin’ Outta My Ears”

  1. I made myself an omelet that morning as well! (This is a much bigger deal for me, for whom making a spaghetti dinner is an adventure.) I did it to treat myself, though, because I knew my power would go out, which it did about 3:30 PM. (Came back on Tuesday morning @ 7 AM)


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