Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

So, you might have heard.  We’ve been experiencing a bit of a heat wave here in New England.  Actually, if the news is to be believed, just about everybody in the US has been experiencing a heat wave.  Welcome to summer.  When I came home on Friday night, my second floor apartment was simmering at a toasty 92 degrees.  Thank goodness for those little window a/c units!

Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of thunder.  Yay for summer thunderstorms!  The rain cooled things down a bit, and I figured I had just enough time to go for a run before the sun came out.

I wanted to go six miles.  I intended to go six miles. But, for some reason, when I left my house I thought it would be nifty to do an extra little loop at the beginning of the run.

Welcome to my first seven mile run since injuring my foot 2 1/2 years ago…

See the sun about to peek out from behind those clouds? Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

As I made took a little rest at my favorite bridge on the Charles River, the sun had pretty much burned off those clouds.  I had to hurry home because things were getting steamy fast!

Plus.  I had plans.  Just as I was leaving, I had gotten this text from my friend Jeanne:

Hey, what are you up to today?  Any interest in a little road trip or a movie?

I had an apartment in desperate need of some straightening up and a whole lot of laundry to do, but you know me.  Hell ya.

The only movie I’m really dying to see right now is Harry Potter, and Jeanne isn’t a Potter fan.  (Why don’t Potter fans have a cool nickname?  You can be a Twihard, Gleek, and/or Whedonite.  Can you be a Rowlite?  Or maybe a Hogwert?)

So, road trip it was.  By the time I got home from my run, Jeanne had formulated a plan.  And it was a good one!  Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Mass.

Now, I never take much convincing when someone suggests a place I’ve never been.  But, give me a place that’s got trails to explore, pretty vistas to photograph, and cool water to dip my feet, and I’m in heaven!

What a day of beautiful things!

You know another feature of Halibut Point?  Flies.  Flies of the super-nasty, eat you alive variety.  They bit me through my shirt.  They bit me through my socks.  They swarmed onto my legs, literally a half dozen at a time.  Serious nasty fly action.

This sign should say, "Try not to fall into the ocean while swatting those nasty biting flies away from your ankles!"

Halibut Point has two amazing attractions within a very short distance.  The Babson Farm Quarry.

Bits of equipment remain, even though quarrying ended here in 1929.

Random pyramid. I love the direction of the light on this one.

Jeanne and I decided that when the light is dancing off the water like this, it should be called "dappling." It's probably called something else, but I like our word better.

And, well, the Atlantic Ocean.

Why does the ocean look like it's emptying into the North Pole? I guess I don't hold the camera straight while getting drenched by the incoming tide!

Hmm…Let’s try that again, shall we?  Thank goodness for Picnik’s “straighten” feature…and quick drying shorts!

Whew. That's better!

Jeanne and I spent a lovely hour or two, exploring the trails, learning more about the quarry, and dipping our feet into the Ocean.  Sadly, we were well prepared for the heat and the sun and even the water.  But, we did not bring any bug spray.

If you ever go to Halibut Point State Park…BRING BUG SPRAY.  And not that wimpy all-natural, smells good stuff.  Bring some serious chemical nastiness.  The flies were hungry and many of the trails seems like the perfect place for ticks to be hiding.

Jeanne and I headed to a lovely little lobster shack for some seafood, and then drove around Rockport (mostly looking for the highway!)  Along the way, we passed a big abandoned building in the most bizarre shade of rust yellow.  The light was just right and we couldn’t keep ourselves from parking (illegally!) and getting out of the car for some quick shots.

Yes. The building really was that color. No...I don't know why.

You know me.  I love to photograph junk, and junk buildings definitely fit the bill.  This might be my favorite pic from the whole day.

So, if you’re ever looking for something to do on a hot and sunny afternoon, give Halibut Point State Park a try.  Just don’t forget your bug spray…


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