Goals, Goals, Goals

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.  What’s the point?  If you think about it, there’s nothing really special about the first day of a new year.  Sure, you have to go out and buy a new calendar, but why do we all wait until January 1st to start doing the things we should have done a long time ago?

On January 2nd, the gym is always packed.  By February 2, we’re back to having our choice of treadmills.  And then most people wait their next New Year’s Resolution before coming back.

Bah humbug on that, I say.  (Can you say ‘bah humbug’ to any holiday, or is it exclusively a Christmas thing?)  I think any old day is a good day to start fresh, try something new, and do something good for yourself.  This year, I did make a change of sorts at the new year.  I emailed a bunch of my girlfriends and asked them to join an accountability circle.

Every Monday we email each other.  We own up to the good, the bad, and the ugly of the past week and we make goals for the coming week.  It has worked pretty well.  With the support of my girlfriends, I’ve lost weight, planned a major vacation, started a blog, and accomplished dozens of things I’ve been meaning to do for years.

Let’s go over a few of my grand successes.

I’m going to Rome and Tuscany, y’all!

Whoo Hooo!  I’m very excited.  I’ve wanted to go forever, and I’ve been saving up for nearly three years. I found the perfect tour.  It combines my love of photography with my love of food.  I worked up my budget and I will be paying for this dream vacation 100% with cash.  I don’t make enough money to go into debt.

(Okay, actually I’ll be paying for it with a miles reward credit card which I will pay off immediately.  I’d like to go to Alaska AND Germany next year, and I’m gonna need all the miles I can get!)

Slowly.  Very, very slowly, I am getting back into shape.

Last week I decided to be super health and environmentally conscious and I ran the two miles to pick up my weekly CSA veggies. Along the way, I passed this entirely unhelpful speed sign.  To be fair, I was only going slightly faster than 00 miles per hour. 

Still, I’m pretty proud of myself for getting back into the healthy eating/exercising way of life.  It’s a lot harder to keep up with it in the summertime, with some many fun parties, bbqs, and picnics to attend.  But, it’s not a race.  (Although, as part of this overall goal, I’m signing up for another half marathon this fall.  It’s been four years since the last one and I’m still heavier than I was then.  I’d really like to fix that before running another 13.1 miles in October.)

To that end…here’s what’s currently decorating my refrigerator.

That would be a photo of the dream camera lens that I’d really like to own before my dream photography vacation.  It ain’t cheap, and I’m going to have to save up a little extra cash and sell one of my old lenses to make it happen. But, if I’m down to my goal weight by my half marathon in early October, I’m buying myself that lens.

I have just under 13 weeks to lose about 13 pounds while training to run a race of a little more than 13 miles.  There’s something nicely balanced about that.  Now I just need to print out a few more copies:  one for the pantry and one for the candy dish in the front reception area at work.  Do you think they’d object if I tried to post one at the front door of my favorite ice cream shop?


3 Responses to “Goals, Goals, Goals”

  1. Cute Karen! 🙂 I recognize that lens! Glad to see you’re joining me in the Buy Myself a Lens goal! PS, how did you carry all of those veggies home?

  2. Thanks for the great idea, Jeanne. All my good ideas are stolen from my friends! Oh, and I walked home with those veggies. I couldn’t run back because I’d bruise them!


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