The Secret to My Productivity

So, it’s not secret that I spent most of this weekend doing absolutely nothing.  I told you about that yesterday.  I was sad.  Sue me.

Today, I had to go back to work after a fantastic vacation.  That was a major bummer.  But, last night I discovered something that made my day much more productive.

What? Doesn't some good historical fiction make you more productive?

How has an 8 hour mini-series made me so productive? Well, let me tell you.

First of all, my older brother, John, has been bugging me to watch this for months. John doesn’t bug me very often. He makes very few suggestions. I should learn to listen to him!

It turns out, John read this book in 1991. Now I’m really jealous. John always shared his books with me. He introduced me to James Bond and the Lord of the Rings. When we were teenagers, books were just about our only topic of civil conversation. So, I’m very disappointed that he didn’t share this one. (This disappointment is only slightly tempered by the fact that John was living in Germany in 1991. Yes, it might have been difficult for him to actually share the book with me, but he could have at least told me about it!)

Sorry. I still need to explain how this mini-series has made me more productive.

See…I started watching it last night. After I watched the first and second episodes, I was able to inspire myself to put away my laundry so that I could watch the third.

Now, that kept me up ’til 2:00. When my alarm went off this morning, I was mighty tired. I thought about going back to sleep for a while. My Monday schedule is pretty flexible.

But, no. I hopped right out of bed…

…and plopped down on the couch to watch Episode 4.

Today I was a flurry of productivity at work, taking care of everything that needed to be done for my job as well as some personal scheduling and bill paying. I left work and immediately drove to the nursery to buy some tomato plants. (More on that later!) I’ve been trying to make it there for weeks…

I went to the regular grocery store, too. After unloading the groceries, I ran four miles. Then I made up a new recipe for dinner. I packed up the leftovers for the next three days and cleaned the kitchen. This was all so I could allow myself to watch Episodes 5 and 6.

Now, before I’ll let myself continue, I’ve promised to share my new recipe with you! I have to admit, I didn’t make it up all on my very own. It’s actually a combination of three different recipes I found online, so I don’t think it’s too much like stealing to share it here…

I call it:

Curried Turkey, Jicama, and Mango Salad

[NOTE: Oops! I just realized this morning that my friend Jeanne over at Boston Girl on the Verge posted a similar recipe this week! Her’s was not one of the one’s I “stole” this idea from, but it looks pretty good, too!]

You’ll need:

A rotisserie turkey breast (or cooked chicken) – 8 0z or 2 cups cubed
2 mangos, cubed
2 cups jicama, also cubed
1 cup celery, chopped
1/4 cup finely chopped red onion
juice of one lime
2 tsp curry paste
2 TBSP mango chutney
8 oz fat free greek yogurt
fresh cilantro
shredded carrots
salt and pepper

As usual, everything I love to cook starts with a lot of chopping.  Yay for stress relief!

More pretty, pretty colors!

Start with the red onion. Stick it in a small bowl with the lime juice, curry paste, and mango chutney. This is meant to wilt the onion a bit. I think it worked!

Next, start to chopping. I started with jicama. I love, love, love jicama.

If you’re on the East Coast like me, you might not be a jicama person. Back home in California, it was a semi-common component of vegetable platters. It’s awesome cut into sticks and dipped into some Ranch dressing!

Here, I often have to explain to the grocery store clerk what it is. It’s pronounced HICK-a-mah, but it’s spelled with a J. Try explaining that one to a doubting teenage clerk in Malden!

Just peel off that thick outer layer with a sharp knife and chop it up. Sometimes jicama around here can be less than fresh. Make sure it’s crisp and dry. Slimy jicama is bad jicama.

Put the jicama, turkey/chicken, celery, and mango in a big bowl. By the way, I’m not going to show you any pictures of my sad, sad attempts to chop up the mango. I’m not very good at it. It didn’t help that I had two super-over-ripe mangos and one under-ripe mango. By the way, don’t try to eat mango when it’s not ripe! Eeewwhhh! I hate to waste food, but that under-ripe one went right into the trash!

Add the yogurt to the sauce mixture in the small bowl. Now start playing. I actually added a bunch more curry paste and some bonus cumin. The lime was adding some sourness, and I didn’t have any more mango chutney. So, I added a bit of honey. And salt and pepper. Once it tastes good to you, add it to the big bowl.

Not enough colors, right?

It tastes good, but looks a little drab. So, I added some fresh cilantro and shredded carrot!


I had my turkey/jicama/mango salad on top of…more salad! Yeah, it’s back on the Weight Watchers for me. By the way…this recipe makes four 1 1/2 cup servings at 5 points plus per serving. What a bargain!

A big bowl for a big meal...

Whew! That one really filled me up. I had saved points for my favorite WW friendly dessert: sliced strawberries covered with a little vanilla greek yogurt. But, I don’t have room! No room for dessert??? Amazing!

Oh, and just in case you don’t believe me about that super-productivity thing:

All packed up and ready to go!

Now leave me alone. I’ve got two more episodes and it’s almost 11:00. I predict another late night!


One Comment to “The Secret to My Productivity”

  1. Karen, your recipe looks good! Almost as good as mine! Ha!
    I guess great minds think alike. Jicama is the best!

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