Brrr…Sure Glad it’s Not Winter Anymore!

As part of my 38 While 38 Challenge, I’m trying to take at least one “photo excursion” per month.  Since the challenge pre-dates this blog by a few months, I’ve been at a loss as to when to present the older pictures.  Do I start at January and work my way to May?  Or, do I start with May and work my way back to January?

I’ve decided to start with January, because I can.  There’s really no better reason than that!  So, with no further ado…

Even Graffiti looks dreamier with a Dreamy Diana Lens!

I’m actually going to share two of my photo excursions from January. I was taking an online photography class and I had homework due every week.  The worst part of January and February in Boston for me is how early it gets dark.  Because it was dark by the time I left work every day, I had to spend pretty much every weekend shooting my homework assignments.

Anyway, first I took a walk with my friend Jeanne to test out the Diana lens I bought myself for Christmas.  I found the Diana lens on, which seems to specialize in cool camera contraptions (and awesome customer service, but more on that later.)

The Diana lens is relatively cheap.  It’s made of plastic.  It has no focusing ring.  It only works on manual mode.  But, it attaches to a Nikon or Canon camera and makes everything dreamy.  Colors change.  Focus gets blurry.  Life gets pretty.  It’s awesome.

It took a bit of experimenting to find the right camera settings.  The Diana lens needs a crazy amount of light, so I had to set my ISO to 800+ to make it work.  But, I was really happy with the results.

Sadly, as Jeanne and I were walking and talking, the lens kept falling off my camera!  As much as I tightened and tightened, it just never clicked into place.

The lens actually attaches to an adaptor (Nikon or Canon.)  That’s the attachment point that wouldn’t hold firm.  It looked like there had been a little piece of plastic that had snapped off, but that certainly had happened before I received the lens.  Still, I’m not a complainer, and it seemed annoyingly annoying to send it back to for a non-defective lens.  So, I figured, why not just super glue the bugger together?  Why would I ever want to take it apart?

Big mistake.  If this ever happens to you, DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE!  (Yeah, I know you wouldn’t.  You’re way smarter than me.)

So, now I needed to return a lens that was covered with useless blobs of super glue.  For weeks, I was too embarrassed to send a note to Customer Service.  When I finally did, they were awesome!  Here’s Photojojo’s very prompt response.

Oh my, no one wants to have to wear a “falling lens hazard” sign around her neck when shooting, right? Anyway, I like your attitude. DIY 4-EVR!

Since the locking mechanism was broken when you received it, we’ll get you set up with a proper one that has all its pieces intact. Can’t fault a girl for rolling up her shirtsleeves & trying, so we won’t!

Just send the faulty Diana back to the following address, along with your packing slip.

Once we receive it, we’ll get a brand new, fully functional Diana back to you. Oh, and if you let me know how much the return shipping costs you (first class, please) I’ll refund that amount to your Mastercard too.


Aspiring Spelling Bee Champion of the Universe and
Photojojo Customer Support

I love Heather and the entire Photojojo crew.  Yay!

On to January Photo Excursion #2…

Even though I Live Here, I Can Still be a Tourist!

Later in January, my friend Phil came across a tour guide who offers cool photo walks of Boston.  Phil’s good at finding awesome fun stuff to do.

It was barely 20 degrees outside, but Saba met us at the Park Street Church as promised.  She spent two hours in the freezing cold with us, patiently showing us how to use the histogram display on our cameras and explaining all sorts of Boston history that I never knew.  It was a really cool mix of photo class and history class.  Two of my favorite things!

No, Saba didn't dress up in Revolutionary War gear, she was way too cool for that!

Saba showed us some professional looking compositions.  Many of them didn’t follow the rules I was learning in my online photography class, but rules are meant to be broken, right?  On the way back to the car, Phil and I walked past the same buildings we had photographed on the tour.  The late afternoon light made everything so much prettier than it had been a few hours earlier that we found ourselves re-shooting many of the same pictures.

I lined myself up for the shot of the Park Street church just as a bunch of birds took flight.  I can’t decide, is the photo better or worse with the perfectly placed pigeons?  (They probably weren’t pigeons, but as you might have noticed, I’m a sucker for alliteration!)

That’s all for January.  What’s next?  February?  Or should I skip to April?  I’ve already posted March!


One Comment to “Brrr…Sure Glad it’s Not Winter Anymore!”

  1. Pigeons, definitely. (Although I also like John Woo films, so maybe I’m biased) 😉

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