Why, hello there.

Are you happy to see me? I’m so very happy to see you!

This is my spiffy new blog. Why did I start it? Well, as some of you know, I experimented with a double-extra-secret blog to amuse my friends with my tales of woe. If you’re my friend and you never heard of this blog, consider yourself lucky. It means I actually wanted you to have a good opinion of me and therefore did not want to let you in on my inner crazy.

This blog will only deal with my outer crazy. Much better, right?

The internet tells me I have to have a purpose to this blog. It must be focused. It must have depth.

Oh, psshaw. That’s for folks who actually want to make a living at this thing! I just want to share my adventures (both woefull and exuberant) and swap a few ideas about a few of my favorite things: food, photos, and other craft pursuits.

And, yes. Food is a craft. Haven’t you been watching Food TV?


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